Camouflage to Corporate

The Camouflage to Corporate workshop and training educates and engages employers, educators, and organizations about the development of military, veteran hiring and retention strategies.  Simply put, learn how to Attract, Hire and Retain the top military candidates. With over 17 years of experience working with some great American companies were confident we can assist you in growing a robust military hiring and diversity program. 

    • Learn the right message and places to market opportunities 
    • Learn how to develop a Military Hiring Guide for your company
    • Learn how to conduct military job interviews
    • Learn how to translate military skills
    • Learn about transition resources and organizations that will assist
    • Learn to improve workplace reception and integration
    • Learn from and network with military hiring experts and organizations
    • Learn a tactical and practical approach to Attract, Hire, and Retain 
    • Learn how to build an All-Star military hiring team

We are committed to:

Providing a one of a kind dynamic and fun training experience that will help you grow your Military and Diversity hiring program. 

Supporting our transitioning military members and Veterans

Supporting our civilian partners

Helping you Attract, Hire and Retain the very best military candidates!

Forward March Inc. would like to take a moment to thank all of our partners, employers and veteran organizations that have participated in our Camouflage to Corporate Conferences, Workshops and Veteran Networking (VETNET) Events.



Forward March Inc. would like to invite you to our next Camouflage to Corporate conference, or if you are interested in sponsoring or having a Camouflage to Corporate conference, workshop or corporate training please contact us at the information below.  

Camouflage to Corporate - Las Vegas - June 6

Last, but not least, a huge thank You to all those transitioning military service personnel and veterans for attending.

Come Join Us For Our Next Exciting, Dynamic Event!

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